Spain’s Valencia Firebats Lead the Way at LNFA Halfway Point

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Mallorca Voltors

The Mallorca Voltors, the 2014 LNFA’s Series B champions, have had an inhospitable welcome to Series A.

As has been seen many times in Europe, the Voltors have fallen victim to retention, with many of their players deciding to hang up the helmet after an undefeated championship season. Despite being down 13-0, or less, in four of their five games at half time, the Voltors have fallen victim to low roster numbers and a rash of injuries in weeks one and two, surrendering 27.4 of their 44.8 ppg in the second half of their games.

As they head into the second half of the season, having failed to score since the first game, a 32- 6 loss to the Osos, the Voltors are hoping their games don’t mimic their individual game performance. Even if they go undefeated, the Voltors will need some help to stave off being automatically relegated to Series B, and a playoff berth, while not mathematically impossible, seems to be an unlikely idea.

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Gavin coached for 5 years in the NCAA before coming to Europe in 2013. Gavin is currently the Special Teams Coordinator and defensive back coach at for the Tychy Falcons who play in Poland's Topliga.