Spain’s Valencia Firebats Lead the Way at LNFA Halfway Point

[tps_title]2015 Spanish Mid-season Review[/tps_title]

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Valencia Giants

After winning a promotion game in 2012 from Series B, making the Series A playoffs with a sub .500 record in 2013 and staving off relegation with a victory in the 2014 promotion/relegation game, the Valencia Giants (3-2) are attempting to make the statement that they are contenders in Series A. One of the cornerstones of this statement is their league leading defensive average of 15.6ppg.

Due to a visa situation, the Giants were forced to play the first two games without, Mexican QB, Ricardo Quintana, who in his three games finds himself in second place with 11 TD passes. The Giants hope this late addition will improve their offense’s 24.4 ppg average, and will allow them to avenge their 40-20, season opening, loss to crosstown rival Firebats and their 25-22, last minute, loss to the Dracs, three days after his arrival in Spain.

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Gavin coached for 5 years in the NCAA before coming to Europe in 2013. Gavin is currently the Special Teams Coordinator and defensive back coach at for the Tychy Falcons who play in Poland's Topliga.