AFI’s All Pandemic Team – The Full Squad

In case anyone missed it, throughout December we presented our picks at each position for the AFI All-Pandemic Team.

Since late July, leagues in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Austria and Japan have played seasons, all of which have been delayed and shortened due to the pandemic. American Football International has shown every single game, almost all on

We have watched every game and from all that game film we have selected a 22 man squad from all six countries.

This has not been an easy task and our six-man panel has devoted many, many hours in trying to decide the best player at each position. Our depth chart was four to six men deep at each position. The discussions and arguments for and against at each position were at times lively, long and drawn out.

You may not agree with all our picks. We understand that.

There were many players left off that could easily have been chosen. But that’s the reality of putting together an all star team of players from all over the world.

So, we are proud to present our entire, 22-man AFI All-Pandemic Team!

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QB: Jadrian Clark, Dacia Vienna Vikings

RB: Lamar Carswell, Kuopio Steelers

WR: Alfonso Onunwor, Elecom Kobe Finies

WR: Alpha Jalloh, Wasa Royals, Stockholm Mean Machines

WR/TE: Bernhard Seikovits, Dacia Vienna Vikings

WR/RB: Breon Allen, Aalborg 89ers

RT: Niklas Johansson, Carlstad Crusaders

RG: Shun Mochizuki, Fujitsu Frontiers

C: Kohei Yamashita, Fujitsu Frontiers

LG: Olaus Alinen, Wasa Royals

LT: Sven Breidenbach, Wroclaw Panthers


DB: Darius Lewis, Carlstad Crusaders

DB: Tommy Kaczocha, Kuopio Steelers, Bialystok Lowlanders

DB: Niko Lester, Carlstad Crusaders, Triangle Razorbacks

DB: Bronson Beatty, Obic Seagulls

LB: AJ Wentland, Kuopio Steelers

LB: William James, Helsinki Wolverines

LB: Satoru Takahashi, Obic Seagulls

DL: Cardell Rawlings, Elecom Kobe Finies

DL: Thiadric Hansen, Wroclaw Panthers

DL: Ville Valasti, Helsinki Wolverines

DL: James Brooks, IBM Big Blue

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