France’s Top Teams, Players Through Week 5

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Argonauts mvp  Aix-en-Provence Argonautes (2nd)  (3-0-1)


Averaging 31.7 points, and 4.5 touchdowns per game, the Argonautes have the most prolific attack in the league. Spearheading the squad is Jimmie Russell. With his 64% completion percentage Russell is by far the most accurate quarterback in the French Elite league (before Paul Durand who has 52%). His accuracy has produced a touchdown to interception ratio of 8 to 2, again the best in the league.

The Argonautes also lead the league in fewest turnovers having only turned the ball over twice since the start of the season. Attribute it to a well-oiled rushing attack (161 yards per game) led by Geoffrey Lewis, the small Danish protégé of  head coach Kenneth Suhl. Indeed, the former running back from the Triangle Razorbacks has had an excellent season with 356 yards already in four games, with 7 touchdowns, the best record for a running back, and only Billy Greene (QB of the Black Panthers) can boast better numbers.

As for receivers, Jimmie Russell can rely on solid players like Kevin Chevalme (13 receptions, 169 yards, 3 TD), Adrien Ortu (15 receptions, 161 yards) or Jesse Kirstatter, who has been particularly effective with 3 touchdowns and a two-point conversion on 6 receptions. The next game for the Argonautes is on Saturday, April 4 in Nîmes. This is a match that already looks very challenging for the Centurions (0-4), a club at the bottom of the league. 

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