France’s Top Teams, Players Through Week 5

[tps_title]MVP Defense – Best Defensive Player[/tps_title]

Jesse Kirstatter (LB, Argonautes):   43 tackles (31 solo), three interceptions (73 yards), 1 sack

mvp jesse kirstatterJesse Kirstatter was named MVP of the game in the Argonautes‘ Ballard Bowl victory over the Flash (see highlights). The former player of the Spartiates d’Amiens (D2) has indeed had a stellar second season in France.

Kirstatter is the top tackler in the Elite (43), and the linebacker is often found on in the defensive backfield and has three interceptions for 73 yards, all in just 4 games. Kirstatter has also made an impact on offense and we believe he could join in the race for best player of the year.

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