France’s Top Teams, Players Through Week 5

[tps_title]The Biggest Disappointment[/tps_title]

MVP Molosses

 Molosses d’Asnieres-sur-Seine (7th) (1-4)


A finalist of in the 2014 Casque de Diamant, the Molosses debuted in 2015 with the idea to repeat their strong performance. Unfortunately, it’s been a pretty bad start for the Jerome Dondey’s team as the Molosses has only one victory, against the Templiers, another team in trouble.

The defense is giving up 25.4 per game while the offense can only manage to score 16.2 per game, and turnovers have been an issue. The Molosses are tied with Templiers for the most turnovers with 11 on the season.

This is a delicate but not irreversible situation and it’s convenient that the Molosses go to Elancourt on Saturday as part of the Week 6. Both teams are seeking their second win of the season.

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