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AFI’s 12 Top Stories of 2014

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The year started off slow but as we moved into April, May and June it really picked up. The game of American football is gaining popularity throughout the world and it showed in  our numbers. We are grateful to all of our readers who have helped us become a key news outlet for American football throughout the world.

1. IFAF at the top of the list

The biggest story of the year, unfortunately, was the cancellation of the 2015 IFAF World Championship on December 19. It was not a story anyone wants to run but it had been festering for far longer than anyone realized. So many people suffered and will continue to suffer as a result that it can only be described as tragic. People whose lives had been devoted to the game of football and who had sacrificed so much for so long now found themselves disgraced.

[tps_header]2. USA Football saves the World Championships[/tps_header]

[tps_title]Top Articles of 2014[/tps_title]

Following hard on its heels was the feel-good story of Football USA riding to the rescue and agreeing to host the World Championships in 2015. They have the means, the wherewithal and the understanding that this event must be held on time for the good of the game. Kudos to IFAF and Football USA for coming through in the end.

[tps_header]IFAF Europe Champions League[/tps_header]

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Another widely read story was the IFAF Europe Champions League announcement. The 2015 tournament will involve 12 teams and the article garnered a great deal of attention. This will be the second tournament for IFAF Europe and hopefully they have learned from the problems they had with the first edition.

[tps_header]4. Rugby vs Football always of interest[/tps_header]

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Anytime we published an article comparing the sports of American football and rugby, your interest soared and this piece by Daniel CaponSet The Edge: ”Do you play rugby?” – was no exception. It garnered huge interest.

[tps_header]5. 2014 European Championships stole the spotlight[/tps_header]

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The 2014 European Championships was a tournament that held us spellbound for 10 days. It had all the makings of an historic final, which is exactly what happened. The drama of the game will never be forgotten as Germany edged Austria 30-27 in double overtime to defend its title. The game even attracted the attention of one of the world’s premier sports magazines – Sports Illustrated.

[tps_header]6. Mexico a growing hotbed of football[/tps_header]

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Mexico had an unforgettable year

This was the year the Mexico put itself on the world map of American football. They won the World University Games in Sweden and also captured the World U19 Championships.

[tps_header]7. China attracting interest[/tps_header]

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China is discovering American football and the interest in that country worldwide was proven as the CAFL started recruiting players for their launch in 2015. We carried a number of stories about football in China but this one garnered the most interest.

[tps_header]8. Aki Jones[/tps_header]

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Too soon

The passing of our good friend and a good friend to everyone in the game of football – Aki Jones – in a tragic car accident served to remind us of how fleeting life is.

[tps_header]9. How to build a model franchise[/tps_header]

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There are a number of successful clubs and franchises throughout the world and we selected a couple in Europe. The Carlstad Crusaders in Sweden and the London Warriors in Great Britain both have similar approaches and both have become leaders in their own countries for those reasons.

[tps_header]10. Coaches & Athletes Speak on the European Championships[/tps_header]

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2014 European Championships in Austria

John Leijten is head coach of the Dresden Monarchs and also Team Australia. His background in American football in Europe is vast. Here are his thoughts on the thrilling European Championships and on the future of American football in Europe.

[tps_header]11. Around the Continent[/tps_header]

[tps_title]Top Articles of 2014[/tps_title]

Every week we prepared a round up of games and events covering virtually all the countries in Europe. Those that we missed we will cover in 2015. This was the final edition, fittingly called Champions Edition.

[tps_header]12. Brazil Bowl shows the growth of the game[/tps_header]

[tps_title]Top Articles of 2014[/tps_title]

Brazil Bowl V

The Brazilian Championship game was a game for the ages, but it also shows how far American football has progressed. Virtually, every country throughout the world now holds some form of American football final. We chose this one because of the pure excitement of the game and enthusiasm of the fans.

There are many more stories that we would like to highlight but do not have room. Your readership and support helps us to keep digging for stories and bring you news of the growth and development of American football from all corners of the world.

Thank you.

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