Coach’s Breakdown: A Preview of France v. Austria

[tps_header]PREVIEW: France v. Austria[/tps_header]


I am not a journalist, but since I am French and now living in Austria for a few years, and have coached in both countries, I will give it a try!

Even if I coached on Team France during last European Championships in 2010, I probably know Team Austria a lot better than Team France. Team France has many new guys since the last World and European Championships and I don´t know many of them, especially on defense. So here is my little preview, it is of course just my opinion! 

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Vincent Lelard is a Frenchman and former Head Coach of La Courneuve Flash (France) and Offensive Coordinator of the Vienna Vikings (Austria). He has been involved in American Football in Europe for almost 25 years. Today he lives in Vienna and