Coach’s Breakdown: A Preview of France v. Austria

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Everybody says that France is the big favorite of the tournament but the game is played in Austria! Even if the game is played during the week, around 5,000 Austrian fans should come to the game in Graz to rout for their team. But France has been in that position before, with a big win against Austria in the same stadium during the 2011 World Championships! It was a big disappointment for Austria and they will look for sure for revenge. Can Team France manage the expectations ? Can Austria finally win a big game in Senior tournament ?

Edge : Austria (home field advantage is always huge)

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Vincent Lelard is a Frenchman and former Head Coach of La Courneuve Flash (France) and Offensive Coordinator of the Vienna Vikings (Austria). He has been involved in American Football in Europe for almost 25 years. Today he lives in Vienna and