Coach’s Breakdown: A Preview of France v. Austria


Christi#2 Perez Mattison for France has a lot of experience, and canon for an arm but can be inconsistent at times, especially when he has pressure on. But when he is on fire and gets into a rhythm, he is impossible to stop. He has a great cast around him so if he has time, watch out !!! He has the tendency to play either really good or really bad. So what will it be today?

#8 Christopher Gross for Austria seems to not be the same since he came back from an injury a few weeks ago. He had a rough time in 2011 World Championship against France. However, he has been playing amazingly the past two seasons for the Vienna Vikings. It is now or never for him to prove he can lead Austria to a championship!

Edge : Austria (it is time for redemption for Gross)

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Vincent Lelard is a Frenchman and former Head Coach of La Courneuve Flash (France) and Offensive Coordinator of the Vienna Vikings (Austria). He has been involved in American Football in Europe for almost 25 years. Today he lives in Vienna and