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Inside Brazil American Football: CBFA 2nd Division – Liga Nacional


Meet Brazilian American Football. It’s going to be HUGE!


Over the next few months American Football International will be introducing our readers to the teams and leagues of Brazil.

Created this year, the National League is considered the second division of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBFA).

This first season counts the presence of 16 teams, divided into three confederations: South (Sul), Southeast (Sudeste) and Midwest (Centro-Oeste).

The competition is always held in the second half of the year. The season starts in late July and ends in early November.

The winners of the South and Southeast Conferences, plus the winner and runner-up of the Midwest Conference, advancing to the playoffs. Finalists will ensure access to the National Superleague (Superliga Nacional) of CBFA, the premier league of football in Brazil.

The season of National League already begun. Check below the championship standings.

Liga Nacional Standings

The Teams

National League

Club City, State
Porto Alegre Pumpkins Porto Alegre, RS
Santa Maria Soldiers Santa Maria, RS
Itapema White Sharks Itapema, SC
Foz do Iguaçu Black Sharks Foz do Iguaçu, PR
UFPR Legends Curitiba, PR 
Curitiba Brown Spiders Curitiba, PR
Sorocaba Vipers Sorocaba, SP 
Desportiva Piratas Vila Velha, ES
Rio Branco Cabritos Serra, ES 
Manaus Cavaliers Manaus, AM 
Campo Grande Cobras Campo Grande, MS 
Jacarés do Pantanal Campo Grande, MS
Sinop Coyotes Sinop, MT
Vila Nova Tigres Goiânia, GO
Brasília Alligators Brasília, DF 
Taguatinga Leões de Judá Taguatinga, DF 
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