Austria Drowns France in Graz; Advance to Face Germany in Final!

The rain grew stronger once again as the second half got underway.

The French drove into field goal range and again brought Boris Bede in for a try. The kick from 47 yards sailed through the uprights, but was called back. The Austrians called a time-out just before the snap. On the next play the try went to the left and was no good. The Austrian offense went right to work, scoring on a quick 55 yard touchdown pass from Christopher Gross to Laurinho Walch. Austria 21 France 3.

After another stop by the Austrian defense, the home team widened their lead on quite a strange play. Receiver Manuel Thaller caught a pass that had been deflected off on a French defender in the end zone. 28-3 Austria.

Both teams failed to move the ball much in the fourth quarter before, in a last ditch effort, France scored with 58 seconds left in the game on pass from Mattison to Franck Bozec. The PAT failed and that was the final. Austria 28 France 9.

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The rain and mistakes cost the French. Midway thru the game the French had accumulated 11 penalties for 100 yards against 2 for 20 yards to their opponent.

The weather affected France’s passing attack. Perez Mattison was 18/49 (36.7%) for 236 yards, and one TD (late in the game) with one INT, However, French receivers dropped many passes that were on target. The conditions do not fully absolve the French as the Austrian quarterback Christopher Gross was 10 of 18 throws for 158 yards and 2 TDs.


Austrian running back Andreas Hofbauer overshadowed the French league MVP Stephen Yepmo. Hofbauer out gained (224 yards to 55 yards) and out carried Yepmo (33 carries, 11 carries).

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