Austria Drowns France in Graz; Advance to Face Germany in Final!


After a tremendous showing against the Danes, this performance by the French leaves little to be desired. Taking nothing away from the Austrians highly motivated, talented, and efficient squad,  ‘Les Bleus’ were capable of so much more in this tournament.

The French will face Finland Saturday at  2 pm CET, 8 am EST in the Bronze Medal Game of the 2014 European World Championships.


Austria’s Head Coach Jakob Dieplinger:

“We have a very strong team France expected, especially on a strong D-Line. Our focus was on quick to start and quick to arrive at scores.And we succeeded. In the games before that, we had to find an offensive rhythm at the beginning of our problems. Our whole focus is now directed to the final against Germany, which we are very pleased.”

France Head Coach Larry Legault :

“We were not surprised that the Austrians have played, but have about how much they played. The early touchdowns from Austria before the heavy rain that has greatly hampered both Offenses, Austria has played into their hands. We must defeat now put away and want to get a medal against Finland. “

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