ELF’s Top 5 Defensive Backs as season kicks off

By Matt Bressington

It’s finally here! This weekend is the kick-off of the European League of Football and what we’ve all been waiting months for. I have no doubt this is going to be a great season with the new and returning player talent, new storylines and rivalries and high-quality coaching. Today I wanted to look into the best DBs that could be featured very prominently on the interception boards and haunt the WRs of the league the night before the game.

1. Jamalcolm Liggins – Frankfurt Galaxy

Liggins is a former Eagles practice squad member who has also spent time in Switzerland and with the Raiders for four games last season, four games in which he showed his elite status as a DB in Europe. He’s rangy and has long limbs that capture WRs and don’t give them an inch of room. His combine numbers of a 34.5-inch vertical and a 10’3 broad jump mean he can extend to make a play on the ball, which is proven out in his two interceptions last season. Although he isn’t the fastest (4.66 at his combine) or the most explosive in tackling, his stride and size make him a very difficult match-up. I have no doubt he will continue his good form from the Raiders over to the Galaxy.

2. Deion Harris – Hamburg Sea Devils

Another player on this list who has had NFL experience in the preseason of 2019 for the Washington Redskins (Now Commanders). He didn’t make the final roster but also appeared in the XFL before the Covid season and the CFL preseason before finding his way into the ELF. He’s a huge DB at 6’3 and roughly 220 pounds so he brings that physicality and size that can translate to not just being a DB but also contributing at OLB and a big nickel player. Even more so with his turnover potential, as many of the turnovers he creates are returned up the field or into the endzone. With length, versatility, head movement, and experience, he brings a lot to the table, and it seems that Hamburg themselves are very happy to have him working on their defense.

3. Cam Hilton – Paris Musketeers

Hilton was a three-year starter in college with Missouri, with experience as a WR. I think this actually gives him an advantage on his raw instincts and offensive IQ. On defense, he recorded 96 tackles over three years with four interceptions and 17 pass breakups. He’s acrobatic in going after the ball and putting his body on the line, he also shows physicality in his run defense from his safety position and because of his range he is truly an elite player that has entered into the league. He also has a unique level of college experience by playing some of the best teams available in the college football world, as well as being at the mini camp of the 49ers. He was last in the indoor football league where he continued his high performance.He’s one of the more underrated signings of the season and I think he can be a real difference maker for Paris on defense and special teams,

4. Exavier Edwards – Vienna Vikings

Honestly, it’s kind of hard to put Edwards into a position. As everyone knows, X-Factor has played all over the field in both Germany with the New Yorker Lions and with the Vienna Vikings in Austria. He mostly played as RB and DB hence his inclusion, as RB he scored five times and went for 113 yards and as a DB he snagged two interceptions, forced six breakups and recorded 45 tackles. This speaks to his athletic versatility and football IQ meaning he can have success in both positions. He’s quick, fast, experienced and moves fluidly in space so he offers a lot as a DB. The only reason he isn’t higher is the positionless style he has and the size. I’m unsure how he will get over the top of Number One WRs that are big deep threats. Only time will tell I suppose. Luckily, we don’t have to wait long!

5. Alex Spillum – Berlin Thunder

Two time All-SBC and an invitee to mini camps of both the Green Bay Packers and Tampa Bay Bucs. He has recorded a 4.55 forty, 34 ½ vertical and a 6.97 3-cone and is definitely one of the more elite pure athletes in this group of players in the league. Last season he spent his year with the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns, helping them win the German Bowl, and has now transitioned into the Berlin Thunder. In Berlin, he can reap the benefits of Kitchens’ pressure to use his ball-playing ability to be a serious threat. We saw his productivity on turnovers in Coastal Carolina. He is deceptively fast. College QBs often tested him deep and on out routes from asfety but he has the footwork and hip mobility to get down or undercut the route. I’m a big fan and I’m excited to see what he can do.


There are many players I wanted to include on this list. Goran Zec is definitely one of them.  In my opinion, he is the Elite among European DBs and now that he has a great supporting cast in the Stuttgart Surge, he should continue his streak of All-Star appearances. Tirol Raiders DB Divine Buckrham is a former XFL player who appeared in two games and had three seasons as a starter at the college level. The reason he’s not on this Top 5 list is the lack of interceptions. TJ Morrison of the Rhein Fire I am a big fan of. His speed and quickness mixed with his quality at several positions in DB is something I think highly of. Artevius Smith (Wroclaw Panthers), Omari Williams (Rhein Fire), Marquise Manning (Milano Seamen), Devan Burrell (Leipzig Kings), Dejvion Stewart, Maceo Beard (Helvetic Guards). The list is never-ending, I am very excited to see who comes out as the best.

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