LIVESTREAM: Denmark – Aalborg 89ers @Aarhus Tigers, Sunday, Sept. 1, 2p CEDT (8a EDT)

In a precursor to the Danish Wild Card Playoffs, the 3-5 Aalborg 89ers (4th) will head to Aarhus to face the 5-4 Aarhus Tigers (5th) in the second last weekend of play in Denmark’s National League season on Sunday, September 1.

The two teams will face each other again in the playoffs in a couple of weeks.

Fourth place and home field advantage are up for grabs today. Should Aarus defeat the 89ers by 15 points or more and then beat the Sollerod Gold Diggers next week, they would play the Wild Card game in Aarhus. Aalborg had beaten the Tigers 26-14 earlier in the season. All the 89ers need to do is win, tie or lose by 14 or less to earn the right to play the playoff game at home.

Watch the game live here. Aalborg 89ers @Aarhus Tigers, Sunday, Sept. 1, 2p CEDT (8a EDT)

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