LIVESTREAM Poland: Silesia Rebels @ Katy Wroclawskie Jaguars, June 15, 15:00 CET (3 pm, 9 am EDT)

The eighth, and final, week of the Polish Football League regular season begins in Kety Wroclawskie, with the Jaguars (1-6) hosting the Silesia Rebels (3-4).

With their loss last week, 56-21 to the Warsaw Mets, the Jaguars have been eliminated from post-season contention, but the outcome in this game could still have major implications on the post-season.

If the Jaguars are able to avenge their 49-26 loss to the Rebels in Katowice earlier in the season, it would end their season on a positive note, and give them something positive to build off as they begin preparation for the 2025 season. Additionally, a win by the home team would open up a multitude of possibilities for the playoff picture, for the team that will meet on Sunday night.

On the other sideline, the Rebels have an opportunity to clinch a playoff spot, with a win, for the second week in a row, but their seeding and semi-final opponent wont be known until the completion of the games on Sunday. After losing last week to the Krakow Kings (39-7), the Rebels are in a must win situation, if they want to ensure their place in the post-season. If they should lose this game, tomorrow’s result in Bialystok between the Bialystok Lowlanders and Mets will decide their fate.

Here are the possible scenarios.

Rebels win, Mets win = Rebels 3rd
Rebels win, Lowlanders win = Rebels 4th

Rebels lose, Lowlanders win = Rebels 4th
Rebels lose, Mets win = Rebels 3rd to 5th (depending on comparison of points given up all season)

Silesia Rebels @ Katy Wroclawskie Jaguars
June 15, 15:00 CET (3 pm, 9 am EDT)

Gavin coached in all levels of NCAA, before coming to Europe in 2013. Gavin is the founder of 3D Football and is currently the Special Teams Coordinator and Defensive Coordinator for the Silesia Rebels in Poland's PFL1.