LIVESTREAM Polish Semifinal: Silesia Rebels @ Warsaw Eagles, June 29, 15:00 CET (3 pm, 9 am EDT)

In the first of the two Polish Football League semifinals, the Warsaw Eagles (7-1) will host the Silesia Rebels (4-4) in Polonia Stadium, the site of, this year’s Polish Bowl.

Since both teams faced the Warsaw Mets in this stadium, the winner will be back to play the Polish Bowl in a stadium they will have played in as many times as they did their home stadium (both teams had a regular season home game played at another field).

The Eagles will be trying to prove that their #1 seed is well deserved and their week 4 performance (37-0 win in Katowice) was not a fluke. The Eagles boast the stingiest defense in the country (110 pts in 8 games) and the most productive offense in the country (266 pts in 8 games). Despite a few key injuries, early in the season, the Eagles have shown depth across the board, and if they preform as they have all season, will be looking to play a “neutral site” Polish Bowl in their own city.

The Rebels, last year’s second place team, are on a mission to prove last season was not a game of luck. The Rebels are hoping to capitalize on recent successes and build, just in time to win the games that matter, aka the playoffs. A win against the Eagles would not only get them a spot in the 2024 Polish Bowl, but would show demonstrate the old cliché “this is why you play the game.”

Silesia Rebels @ Warsaw Eagles
June 29, 15:00 CET (3 pm, 9 am EDT)

Gavin coached in all levels of NCAA, before coming to Europe in 2013. Gavin is the founder of 3D Football and is currently the Special Teams Coordinator and Defensive Coordinator for the Silesia Rebels in Poland's PFL1.